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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
  Model Local Appellate Rules for Electronic Filing
At its September 2005 meeting, the Judicial Conference adopted a series of Model Local Appellate Rules for Electronic Filing to assist the appellate courts in developing local rules and procedures relating to the filing and service of documents by electronic means. The new model local appellate rules are not intended to supplant existing national or local rules of appellate procedure, but to provide an example of the issues that should be addressed in implementing CM/ECF at the appellate level.

The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (Fed. R. App. P. 25(a)) already provide that a court “may by local rule permit papers to be filed, signed, or verified by electronic means that are consistent with technical standards, if any, that the Judicial Conference of the United States establishes.” The Federal Rules also authorize each appellate court to make and amend rules governing its practice (Fed. R. App. P. 47(a)).
  Logan CM/ECF Training Set December 9th
The Court will be conducting attorney and staff CM/ECF training at Stevens-Henager College(room number to be announced) on December 9, 2005. The session scheduled from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. is full but there is still space in the session from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Class size is limited to 24 attendees. This is currently the only training scheduled in the Northern Utah area.
Attorneys and support staff from interested firms should contact Krysta at the court to register. Her direct line is 801-524-6146; e-mail address is krysta_arner@utd.uscourts.gov. Additional materials will be sent to attendees prior to their scheduled training.
Thursday, November 17, 2005
  On Line Registration for Training
Those desiring CM/ECF training may now register on-line at
http://ors.utd.uscourts.gov/cgi-bin/class.pl This is much more fun than registering for college classes, because you can scope out those already registered (first names only) and pick a congenial group of students. As always, traditional registration is available by calling the Training Office at (801) 524-6146 or by email.
  CM/ECF Mitigates Bankruptcy Flood in October; CM/ECF Spreads Through Courts
Because of the Bankruptcy Reform Act, national bankruptcy filings in September and October were dramatically higher than usual. Compared to a more typical month with 125,000 bankruptcy case openings, CM/ECF handled 603,000 in October, and 463,000 of those were opened by the attorneys rather than court staff. Without CM/ECF, full implementation of the Act on October 17 would have been extraordinarily burdensome and costly.
As of this month, there are ninety-one bankruptcy courts and eighty-four district courts “live” on CM/ECF, i.e. CM/ECF has completely replaced the “legacy” systems in the courts created nearly two decades ago. The Court of International Trade and the Court of Claims are also using the system. The Appellate Court version of CM/ECF is now being tested in the courts and will be ready for live use in 2006.
In many district courts, 40% of the docket entries are now made by attorneys, and attorney case opening has just been added as a new feature of the district system [in some districts].

-- From a memo from the Administrative Office of the Courts, November 9, 2005.
Tuesday, November 01, 2005
  Attorney Registrations Top 600
To date, 621 attorneys have registered as electronic filers. There are approximately 4,300 attorneys on the bar roster for the federal court in Utah. Not all have active cases in federal court. The Utah State Bar has about 6,450 active attorneys.
  Attorney Filings Approach 1,000 in October
Electronic filings by attorneys have steadily increased each month since attorney e-filing was first permitted in late July 2005.
July 2005 -----9
August ------285
September --563
October -----984
Since today is the start of MANDATORY electronic filing in criminal cases, the numbers of e-filings by attorneys is expected to increase.
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