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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
  Unusual Signatures for Other Counsel
The Utah Administrative Procedures for electronic filing specify the way to denote the signature of other counsel on motions or stipulations. Two recent filings show those instructions may be confusing. The instructions require (i) /s/ and the typed name of the other attorney; (ii) a description of the reason justifying the signature; and (iii) an elecronic signature or /s/ and the typed name of the filing attorney:
Signatures of Other Attorneys. When a document to be filed requires the signature of attorneys other than that of the filing attorney, such as a stipulation, the attorney may obtain approval from any other attorney to state that the other attorney has authorized the filing attorney to electronically sign the document. Such approval shall be indicated by any of the following:

a. Verbal Approval for Electronic Signature
/s/ Other Attorney
(Signed by Filing Attorney with permission of Plaintiff Attorney)
Electronic Signature or /s/ Filing Attorney

b. Approval by Signature. The filing attorney may obtain and maintain a paper copy of the document signed by the other attorney. Possession of a signed copy shall be indicated as follows:
/s/ Other Attorney
(Signed copy of document bearing signature of Other Attorney is being maintained in the ofice of the Filing Attorney)
Electronic Signature or /s/ Filing Attorney

Both recent filings omit the signature of the filing attorney which attests to the parenthetical reason for attachment of another attorney's signature.

The first example shows the instructions taken literally, with the words "Other Attorney appearing on the signature line, rather than the name of the other attorney.

The second example shows the name of the other attorney below the line on which it should appear.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
  Once a Week is Enough to Review Email?
Not that the court monitors all auto-replies to Notices of Electronic Filing (sometimes we do get humorous/incriminating rants meant for opposing counsel, staff or the ether) but this one raised lots of speculation.

Pursuant to my email management policy, your email will be retrieved and reviewed on March 19, 2009. [Automatically generated.]
/s/ [Attorney Name]

Does this mean that Thursday is email review day for this attorney?
Friday, March 13, 2009
  New Password Recovery Tool
The District of Utah has a new feature for attorneys who have lost their CMECF password. It is at the login screen on the outside server.

Clicking on the link will take the user to a page where they can enter their login or the primary email address for the user's CM/ECF notices of electronic filing, which will trigger an email that will allow the user to reset their password. This should allow attorneys to reset their password during or after business hours.

Help Desk assistance is still avilable during working hours for other login issues.
Help Desk (801) 524-3248
Hours: M-F 9 am - 1 pm - voice mail, leave message
1 pm - 4:30 pm live assistance

NOTE: The password reset is only for the CM/ECF password from Utah, not the PACER password or CM/ECF passwords from other districts.
Monday, March 02, 2009
  What motions are pending in my case?
A new tool has been added to PACER for the District of Utah to show a list of motions pending in a case. The report is in the Query area of PACER.

The Attorney Motions Report will list all motions pending in a case. The report is also a way to see the trial date and case flags, including a jury demand.

To see this report, go to the Query area of PACER:

  CM/ECF 4.0 Released to Select Courts
CM/ECF 4.0 for district courts was released February 18, 2009, for selected district courts, including those who have been testing it. After April 1, other courts will be encouraged to implement CM/ECF 4.0. Many features in this release are designed to assist chambers, but the process for attachment of documents will assist attorney e-filers. No date has been set for installation of CM/ECF 4.0 in Utah.
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