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Friday, January 20, 2006
  New Approaches in Quality Control
The Clerk's office announced modifications to the quality control of attorney e-filings. Docket clerks are now responsible to review all attorney filings in addition to docketing paper documents and documents produced by chambers. Correct docketing is essential for the CM/ECF workflow processes in chambers. For example, if a motion is filed under an incorrect designation, it might not show as pending or if a memorandum is not associated with a motions, a chambers motion report will omit the document.
Initially, quality control consisted of correcting attorney docketing errors by modifying docket entries or re-docketing documents. After a few months' experimentation, quality control evolved to delete documents with docket entries instructing counsel to re-docket correctly. This had the advantage of educating counsel by allowing the attorney or staff member to correctly docket the filing. However, the deletion of the document link made the document unavailable to other counsel and chambers.
In the future, quality control docket clerks will email counsel regarding the docketing issues and will not delete document links. Hopefully, the twin goals of correct docketing and filer education will be enhanced by this approach. Revisions to the administrative procedures will reflect this change.
  Registrations, Filings Increase as February 1 Approaches

As we get closer to February 1, the date e-filing is mandatory in civil cases for firms with over 20 attorneys, registrations are increasing and e-filings are increasing. The statistics for the partial month of January show a high rate of new registrations, and that the percentage of all filings that are made directly by counsel is increasing.
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
  Revised Administrative Procedures
Revised Administrative Procedures were posted today, including a Table of Contents with hyperlinks and section headings to make reference easier.
  89 District Courts Live - Version 3.0 Coming
As of January 3, 2006, there are 89 “live” District CM/ECF courts. Only 5 district courts have yet to implement CM/ECF. If you are a registered CM/ECF user in another district, you may register in the District of Utah without additional training.
Version 3.0 of CM/ECF is planned for release in May 2006. Version 3.0 features will be disclosed over the next few months.
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  CM/ECF Outage January 9th

January 9th, the CM/ECF system in several courts was unavailable to users outside the courthouses. Internal operations were not interrupted. Out of court users reported regaining access in the late afternoon January 9th. The problems with the internet data lines were resolved by the courts' data line provider.
This was the first weekday working hours outage since August 29th, when the system was inaccessible for less than two hours to outside users because of a router failure. Use inside the courthouse was uninterrupted.
There have been four other times the system was unavailable, two for planned maintenance, a third caused by a building power failure, and the last caused by failure of a redundant hard drive. Three of these were on Saturdays, and one was on a Sunday extending to 7 a.m. Monday morning.
Total system downtime since May 2 is about 40 hours or less than one half of one percent of total time.
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  Check out the Newsletters!
The court issues a (monthly?) CM/ECF newsletter with news and refinements to instructions. All issues are sent to all e-filers and are found at http://www.utd.uscourts.gov/cmecf/documents/newsletter.html
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  December 2005 E- Filings Continue Upward Trend
In spite of the "holiday" breaks, December 2005 e-filing increased over November. In November, 1,209 documents were e-filed by counsel, but 1,345 documents were e-filed by counsel in December. Most of these were criminal case documents, with 779 e-filed by counsel in December.
Through the month of December the percentage of criminal documents e-filed by counsel held steady at 25%, which may be the maximum achievable percentage, given the high number of documents which must be filed by court users. (See December 7th post.)
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